What to Clean When Doing a General Cleaning

There are a lot of places that are in need of cleaning in your house, but there are 4 main things that are a must to clean at least 4 times a week or even every day. Those four places are the bathroom, the garage, the kitchen, and the bedroom. In this article we will talk about the things that are a must to clean at least 4 times a week, so if you are contemplating which part you are cleaning then this is an article for you. If you were ever to have problems in your garage and you need someone to repair it then you can always search up emergency garage door repair Charlotte. 

  • Bathroom

This place is definitely a must, this place is where waste goes and where we bath and take a quick poop so it is expected that this will need to be cleaned. Since this place is where we put our waste, make sure to clean it properly and surely so that we won’t get sick. The first part where you need to clean is the toilet bowl, it is where the dirtiest thing is so clean it thoroughly. So, cleaning the bathroom is a must if you want proper hygiene. 

  • Garage

The garage is a place not necessarily inside the house but it is beside the house so it is also a part of the house. Cleaning the garage is a must because the garage is a very dirty place, even after cleaning you will see dirt because it is where stuff that are old and dirty are stored. If you are cleaning the garage you should always clean it properly and make sure there is no mess made or dirt laying around the garage. So, the garage is a place where cleaning is a must. 

  • Kitchen

The kitchen should always be clean, clean the kitchen every day not just 4 times a week but every day because this place is where we will eat and prepare our lunch, breakfast, dinner, and snack. When cleaning the kitchen, you should start at the place where it is the dirtiest then on the cleanest. Make sure to clean properly because the things that we are preparing in this part of the house will go to our stomach and if it is not, we will be experiencing a lot of body complications. So, the kitchen is a must to clean not just 4 times a week but every day. 

  • Bedroom

Same as the kitchen, we should clean the bedroom every day not just 4 times a week because this place is where we sleep. Sleeping is very important and if you were to sleep in a place where it is filled with dust and maybe ants crawling then you will expect a lot of sickness coming. You can always start with a minor cleaning then 1 time a week you will do a major cleaning. That way is enough so that is why you need to clean your bedroom every day. 

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